A List of Things to do to Make the Judges Happy!!

Hello Sunnyland,

For those who are going to be entering the judged Sunnyland Science Fair competition, the list of things that the judges will be most interested in is included below. I hope everyone is enjoying their projects, and I can’t wait to see all the great work.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (360) 223-4843 or tyson.waldo@gmail.com.

Thank You,

Tyson  Waldo

Criteria for Sunnyland Elementary Science Fair Participants and Judges:


This is the first year that the Sunnyland Elementary School is offering a judged option for their annual K-5 science fair.  These criteria for participants and judges are an abbreviated version of the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) criteria.  Our primary objective for the science fair at Sunnyland is to develop the students understanding of the scientific method through project based learning. Consequently, the abbreviated Sunnyland science fair guidelines put more emphasis on the principles of the scientific method than the WSSEF guidelines.  Students participating in the science fair should use these criteria as final checklist for perfecting the details of their projects, because the judges will be using this specific list of criteria to score their projects.


Good, well-balanced explanation of project.

Provide supporting evidence and/or comparisons

Sections outlining purpose (i.e. an introduction) , asking a question, stating a hypothesis, describing procedures and methods, materials, reporting results and conclusions.

Project is consistent with the student’s knowledge.

Data presented in a unique manner.

Project shows overall originality.

One-of-a-kind project.

Display meets guidelines (tri-fold with clear section titles for question, hypothesis, procedures/ or methods, materials, results and conclusion).

Neat, visually pleasant and organized.

Makes effective use of visual aids.

Exhibit should be self-explanatory.


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