Hello and Welcome to the 3rd Annual Sunnyland Elementary School Science Fair!!!

We are happy to announce that Sunnyland Elementary School is preparing for the 3nd Annual Sunnyland Elementary Science Fair.  For one day, on April 28th, 2011  Sunnyland Elementary will be holding a Science Fair to celebrate our student’s growing curiosity and their continued pursuit of science..

The science fair is non-competitive and is open to all of the Sunnyland students.  Grades K-3rd are encouraged to participate, but participation is not mandatory.  For the 4th and 5th graders, participation is required as part of their class requirements.  Additionaly, those students who would like to enter their projects into a judged competition will again have that opportunity this year.  We will have 3-5  judges review and score the projects of those who have chosen to enter the judged portion of the science fair.

Generally, we expect that students will work on their projects at home.  However, if students need help from school to do their projects all they need to do is ask.  For us, participation of the student is the most important thing.  We want as many Sunnyland students as we can get to join us at this year’s science fair.

An INFORMATION PACKET has been sent home with each student, or can be downloaded from this link.  We hope that these projects will engage the whole family.  Younger students(K-2nd) will probably need more help from their parents than older students (3rd-5th). As a general rule, as much as your child can do on their own, let them do on their own. This science fair is non-competitive, and full participation of the student is much more important than a perfect project.  For projects that are entered into the judged category, we ask that parents offer guidance and safety assurance, but that they are careful to make sure that we are judging the work of the student and not the work of the parent.

Please use the Comments section of this blog  to add any questions, ideas, or web links you feel are relevant to the science fair.  Or contact me directly at:


(360) 223-4843


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